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more visit min d though. do you really need to. >> first, terror on the capitol beltway and a baltimore woman has to bail out of her car with her baby. this happened at a gas station. jeff hager says it was all caught on tape. >> reporter: captured on camera inside this gas station, a man in a floppy hat asking to use a phone and then, attempted to leave with a bag of chips. he was about to set his sights on a bigger prize. >> she had a baby and she came out from her car. that guy jump into the car. he drive. >> reporter: and the baby was still in the car? >> yes. the girl jump into the car to take baby out.
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he drove the car. >> reporter: pandemonium followed as a carjacker sped away from the lot. >> a whole bunch of people screaming. and someone said, he got a baby in the car. >> reporter: the man was a 22- year-old, alvin white. he sideswiped a trooper's car and jumped on the capital beltway. before troopers surrounded the vehicle with their cars and the victim inside saw her chance to escape. >> just as he was weaving in and out of traffic towards the soldier, a woman and her baby roll out of the passenger side door. >> reporter: the troopers arrested white when he pulled over. the mother and the baby escaped with minor injuries. he's being held on a number of traffic violations.
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jeff hager, abc2 news. wyatt is expected to face a number of criminal charges. we have an investigation. who killed 20 cats. they died of excuseuating deaths when they were poisoned. poison was left for the cats and may have been an acid. now, the poisoning of the cat colonny population cut it to 8 animals. here's the latest on the death of a child in a crash. the police say that this 2-year- old was thrown from a car after it hit a tree near cliffton park. the police are investigating the crash. harford county deputies arrested a person and they're out there looking for a second. the police arrested this 50-
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year-old at the bank on pulaski highway as he and another tried to steal money from the atm room of a bank. around 4:00, he and another gained access to the bank. while inside, they set off the bank's alarm. the second suspect drove off in a car. he's been charged with second degree burglar and malicious destruction of property. two area churches and a local newspaper are offering to buy guns with no questions asked. it's simple, just bring in a gun and get $50 or a hundred dollars for it. the few churches are putting on the gun buy back. the event is also supported by the catholic review newspaper. today, the pastor talked about
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why they're buying back guns. >> we feel strongly that any guns turned in may fall into the hands of someone that may use it for violence and even with children around. it's a vital service to the city. >> the program will be on saturday from 10:00 to 2:00 in st. gregories on north gilmore street and on ashton avenue. for each workable automatic gun and rifle and semiautomatic gun, you'll get a hundred dollars and for all other guns, $50. it's been around since the late 1990s. some say they've brought back 250 guns. and weatherwise, mid-80s now. we only got into the upper 80s in a few spots today. that, plus extremely low humidity making for a fantastic
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thursday. 24% humidity in frederick. en it's bone dry. we have nice stuff, we had a breeze. 80s for the next hour or two. we're quickly down into the 70s tonight. nice and breezy. we'll talk about how things shape up, coming up. thank you, all new tonight, the harford county council voted unanimously against the toll hikes. they voted no to the toll hikes and they say that the hope is that the transportation authority will reconsider the idea. they've all rejected the hikes. this is going to affect the way you vote in 2012. the state wants to hear from you about recraw -- redrawing the congressional districts. so far, three areas are announced first is on saturday, july 23rd.
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this is going to be at 11:00 in washington county. the second will be the same day at 2:00 in the afternoon in frederick. the third will be monday, july county community college. here's another mark your calendar. come the third week of august, you can shop tax free in the state. they've announced that sunday, august 14th through saturday, august 20th, it's been designated shop maryland week. clothing and foot ware are exempt. governor o'malley is out in salt lake city for the national governor's association meetings. he's the chair of the association. he held a news conference about the economy later on today with beverly purdue. he's going to deliver a keynote speech pride for the jubilee
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dinner -- dinner. it's all about the view. phillip's seafood will have a different one. david cordish confirmed the worst kept secret that phillip's seafood is moving into the power plant where the espn zone used to be. they'll open sometime this fall. >> i love baltimore and i want to thank everyone in baltimore and the people of maryland for supporting the company and the phillip's family for all of the years. i'm proud to be associated and now working directly with david cordish. thank you very much. >> they'll have a raw bar and a barge. you can eat steamed crabs. well, when anyone goes to ocean city, it's almost a must. how the board walk compares to
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others up and down the east coast. >> we take one, usually with breakfast. then, i take one sometimes other times in the day. it's been linked to lowering your cancer risk. is vitamin d a supersupplement? and a thanksgiving tradition is moving. that's on thanksgiving morning. you know, 82 degrees today at bwi. normal 84. unusual stuff here. the question, we didn't get there on the 2-degree guarantee. how hot and how fast does it get this weekend. we have that for you on the otherside of the break.
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it turns out, men experience hormonable changes like women now, this sometimes results in a condition called andro pause. they have erectile problems and mood swings. he'll see his levels of testosterone lower as well. vitamin d is one of the hottest things on the mark -- market. we're telling you if it's
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really a supersupplement. >> reporter: it's often the sunshine vitamin. forlynne fisher, even though he runs outside, he takes vitamin d supplements. >> i take one with breakfast before i run, then, other times in the day. >> reporter: he takes extra vitamin d, he's battling prostate cancer. his levels are low and his doctor prescribed them. what about the rest of us? >> the last time that vitamin d and calcium was assessed, this was back in '97. >> reporter: a panel of experts in the u.s. and canada poured over thousands of stud disand somehowed that vitamin d and calcium built stronger bones. >> we need more human research, particularly with different
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doses of vitamin d. >> reporter: up to age 70, we need 600 units a day and no more than 4000. northern for most of us, a cup of milk with vitamin d added and ten minutes in the sun is enough. like lynne, before you add anything, you should run everything by your doctor. and doctor's say that too much vitamin d leads to kidney stones. all right, take a look at it. 82 degrees in the harbor. 37% humidity and wind is light. it's been a north breeze throughout the day. pretty good looking weather. we have a sky shot. we have a nice moon rise as well.
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we certainly had good looking weather out there at druid hill park and sunshine. we have the high, thin wispy clouds out of the north and west. these made for beautiful weather conditions this afternoon. if you look closely, you can see the trees shaking in the breeze. it's been comfortable though. the breeze was welcome today. that's a great day for selling. that's good looking weather on the whole. water temperatures are balmy, 70 degrees. that's going to feel good. the radar is staying clear. we had a boundary sneaking off of the bay. we had a sea breeze meeking in. that's generating a thin line of showers that tried to make it in.
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you didn't really see any rain there. 82 degrees now at the airport. 83 at hagerstown and widespread, 80s. cooler at the beach, ocean city. 70 oak lan and deep creek lake. it's going to be a chilly night. humidity levels have dropped 20 to 30%. that's for july and unusual. welcome and comfortable. brewer's hill, 86-degree tomorrow afternoon. we'll have a lot of sunshine and we'll take you further south. beverly beach, 87 degrees. lake shore, 85 or so. that's a comfortable day or so. many spots today, in the low 80s despite the sunshine you can see the high, thin clouds we were looking at on the cameras. they'll continue to drift in out of the west. across the east coast now,
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things are quiet and calm high pressure continues to control everything out there. so, it's a good looking weather here and dry weather will continue to hold into the evening and the next few nights. overnight, clear and cooler. tomorrow, gorgeous and 85. we'll get you into the seven- day forecast. the out look isn't bad at all and temperatures climbing into the upper 80s by sunday. humidity is staying low into saturday. we'll take it! >> one way to enjoy the weather is get out there tonight. i love this. lynette charles is out in westminster. they didn't get the ravens, but they got you. how are you doing? >> reporter: well, you can hear it behind me. i'm live at the branch library. i'm not here to check out
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books, oh, no. i'm here for a concert. listen to this. >> okay! so, you can hear what's going on. they sound awesome. i'm going to bring in the branch manager. we'll tell you what's going on this evening. >> well, this is the second of the series here at the westminster library. we brought this to the stage with the partnership of the city of westminster and the music. we're excited. >> reporter: it sounds awesome. what's going on through the weekend? >> we have a bunch of events going on. we have more music tomorrow at noon. we have live dance troops here on saturday. also, at noon. all weekend long, friday and saturday, we have our huge book sale, that's 9:00 to 4:00.
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come on out, 50 east main street. >> i can see, things are filling up and people are bringing chairs. who can they bring? >> well, it's for all ages. we love when families come out. bring your blanket and chairs and nonalcoholic refreshments and enjoy the music. >> reporter: how long have you been doing this? >> this is the second concert series. we did some lunchtime con sever set -- concerts last month. that was great. we have two more concerts planned in july. also, songs at 6:30. next thursday, we have the tony chuto band. >> thank you for being here. come out and enjoy a fantastic weekend. lynette charles, abc2 news. i'm kelly swoope, wishing i
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was there. well, you've seen them, they're drinks loaded with caffeine. they're giving young ones more than caffeine. we're working with you with the damages these drinks could be doing. will you lose a new translation of the holy bible? some say no way. those stories and more and the forecast, join us for abc2 news at 11:00. as we told you earlier, this baltimore lumber company is going to make sure that the board walk is a thing of brewty. ocean city has the fourth best board walk in the country. the magazine is out. why the life saving museum is a must saving low caution. number one, atlantic city. the pier is no longer there. if you would like to see the
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top ten board walks in the land and vote on the best board walks, go to you'll find the story on the top story's section. well, the turkey bowl game will be played thanksgiving morning, but not at m&t bank stadium this year. it's been shifted to johnny united stadium. the ravens will play at home thanksgiving night. the ravens offered up friday or saturday as an option. the school's said they wanted the game to stay on thanksgiving morning. this is going to be the 92nd meeting between the two teams, broadcast live. it's a beautiful evening on the water. sit outside, wyatt will be back with how long we can enjoy the beautiful weather.
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"harry potter" comes out tonight at midnight. it's set a record with $25 million. the first seven films have made $6.4 billion! oh, yeah, it's lady's night in
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columbia. the mall is hosting its third girl's night out. you can check out the fashions and enjoying discounts. it will help benefit the habitat for humanity. the first 300 shoppers will get a girl's night out goody bag. >> oh, man, that will be fun. we had a weather winner tonight from annapolis. congratulations to you. thank you to laura cooper. we'll have a big moon tonight again. 80s, nice and breezy out there. tomorrow, gorgeous day once again. >> get us your weather shots. our facebook page or twitter page. >> pictures of you eating out tonight. >> yeah, crabs or something. >> yeah, right there. we'll see you tonight at 11:00.
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